does anyone play multiplayer games?

the new battlefield coming out looks pretty neat. crysis 2 as well

i play xbox 360

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I play Xbox 360,wii, and PS2. I love the Persona series and cannot wait until Persona 5 hits the stands. I'm currently in hour 30 or so of Persona 4.


I'd love to find more games like that or even some goofy dating sims. I'm still trying to get my sea legs when it comes to shooting games.

Currently own PS3, PSP, and a gaming PC.

I like multiplay, but the past 2 years I moved away from the AAA modern military genre. I play pretty much everything on pc though.  is my list, with most of the titles being purchased for 20 USD or less.

I'm an assassin creeds kinda guy. Xbox 360

And I love Persona 4!

Hi five for that! also an Assassins Creed fan and the multiplayer for the last one was amazing
I'm a huge AC fan myself and also play on the 360

Lately, I've been doing multiplayer on games like Team Fortress 2 (PC), Red Dead Redemption (PS3) and GTA4 (PC).


I'm looking for some other stuff to play, but holding out for Duke Nukem's release in May.

Right now I'm playing Lord of the Rings Online and Civilization IV.  Although I'm not currently subscribed, I also love Star Trek Online.


As far as consoles, I have open games on Okami and Final Fantasy VII though I haven't played either very recently.

I play the xbox 360. I'm into all games, right now I'm still sucked into Black Ops and Homefront (though I hate the multi on that game). Otherwise, Arkham Asylum is my drug.
I love good racing games and have been addicted to Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit since I bought it a few months ago.  I've unlocked and raced every car and track and love playing Hot Pursuit online.  If you play, I'm on the PS3 and my username is Nicronon.
I play Xbox 360

My favorite game franchises are Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell, Grand Theft Auto, and Mass Effect

I generally prefer 3rd person action/adventure/shooter games. I don't like 1st person shooters much nor do I like sports games or fighting games.

I do play multiplayer when I like a game and the multiplayer offerings enough to play them. I really like coop campaigns more than any other multiplayer mode. There's nothing like going thru an entire campaign with a buddy. I'm looking forward to playing Hunted: The Demon's Forge and Lord of the Rings: War in the North for that reason as well as any other quality games with coop campaigns
Just finished playing through Bayonetta and Batman: Arkham Asylum on PS3. Both were pretty awesome. The story line for Bayonetta was a little weird, but I loved the graphics and God of War style combat.
Finished Dante's Inferno on PS3. Excellent adaptation of that story line. Controls are very much the same as the God of War series. Overall, no real complaints.


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