For me it's Final Fantasy X2. They took the interesting and well made world of FFX and injected it with x-factor, Britain's got talent, hello kitty, soft porn bullshit! In one game they turned a franchise that told epic stories into an endless camped up romp around shit town, and FFXII was no different. I hear the newest Final Fantasy goes back to it's roots, but I can't say I really care, X2 really ruined that series for me.



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Pretty much any FPS on PS3. I don't know what it is, but I have to play those on PC.
Metro 2033 is the worst game ever.

Wow, you actually played Final Fantasy X-2? Sorry to hear lmao, I completely avoided that game. I felt as if Final Fantasy X was complete enough to not require a sequel and I act as if X-2 doesn't exist (one of only 2 FF's that I never purchased, FFXI being the other one). Not to mention I heard horror stories about the gameplay and such. The worst game I've ever played has got to be either Fighter Maker for PS1 or Dragonball GT: Final Bout, also for PS1. Both of those games are just... terrible.


Also, Final Fantasy XIII isn't that great a game either (IMO). The game's got breathtaking visuals and a great score if you love piano music, but the battle system leaves much to be desired (it's overly simplistic, normal battles take forever, and boss battles even longer - boss battles are also a huge pain). The last great Final Fantasy for me was 10; 12 was alright, but kinda meh.

Haha, more reason for me not to touch it. As sad as it is, I think I'm actually going to start waiting for reviews of Final Fantasy titles now when they come out. I actually preordered XIII and the official strategy guide because I was so psyched for it. Turned out to be a huge disappointment. Think I might just replay VII - X again lol.
the worst game I ever played? I'm going to get punched for this...but minecraft.
If I weren't so busy punching trees in Minecraft... :P Honestly, I agree with you for singleplayer since there really isn't any way to 'progress' other than to get the achievements. I have more fun playing multiplayer with friends because of its collaborative nature. But yeah, the game is a massive time drain lmao. Even moreso than that Game-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. o_0


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