For me it's Final Fantasy X2. They took the interesting and well made world of FFX and injected it with x-factor, Britain's got talent, hello kitty, soft porn bullshit! In one game they turned a franchise that told epic stories into an endless camped up romp around shit town, and FFXII was no different. I hear the newest Final Fantasy goes back to it's roots, but I can't say I really care, X2 really ruined that series for me.



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Pretty much any FPS on PS3. I don't know what it is, but I have to play those on PC.
Metro 2033 is the worst game ever.

Wow, you actually played Final Fantasy X-2? Sorry to hear lmao, I completely avoided that game. I felt as if Final Fantasy X was complete enough to not require a sequel and I act as if X-2 doesn't exist (one of only 2 FF's that I never purchased, FFXI being the other one). Not to mention I heard horror stories about the gameplay and such. The worst game I've ever played has got to be either Fighter Maker for PS1 or Dragonball GT: Final Bout, also for PS1. Both of those games are just... terrible.


Also, Final Fantasy XIII isn't that great a game either (IMO). The game's got breathtaking visuals and a great score if you love piano music, but the battle system leaves much to be desired (it's overly simplistic, normal battles take forever, and boss battles even longer - boss battles are also a huge pain). The last great Final Fantasy for me was 10; 12 was alright, but kinda meh.

I know, but at the time I was a huge FF fan and just went with it. I didn't like the idea of an FF "sequal" at all, but thought if I liked the other games, why not? I envy you for not having played this game. It wasn't just a shitty game, that could have been forgivable, it was an all out assault on everything I liked about the series. It was an eyesore destroying a beautyful landscape. It slapped every sense I have in face with it's horrible music, dialogue, storyline, characters (both old and new), and just the general look and feel of the game. It's technicolour vomit with voices. It's like FFX with aids. Rape is better then this game. Too far?
Haha, more reason for me not to touch it. As sad as it is, I think I'm actually going to start waiting for reviews of Final Fantasy titles now when they come out. I actually preordered XIII and the official strategy guide because I was so psyched for it. Turned out to be a huge disappointment. Think I might just replay VII - X again lol.
They were my favourites too.
the worst game I ever played? I'm going to get punched for this...but minecraft.
If I weren't so busy punching trees in Minecraft... :P Honestly, I agree with you for singleplayer since there really isn't any way to 'progress' other than to get the achievements. I have more fun playing multiplayer with friends because of its collaborative nature. But yeah, the game is a massive time drain lmao. Even moreso than that Game-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named. o_0


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