I have had a look around the website and have yet to find anything regarding us atheist getting together to make a clan.

So I thought I would try to start one up.

I recently left an Xbox gaming clan due to the fact they all took the games WAY too seriously and TBH were rather pathetic. I am a student of games design at college and so really love video gaming :)

Anyway if anyone is interested in joining or helping out with a website etc. Please reply to this post.

My Xbox Live Gamertag is: TheDark Silence
(It doesnt matter if we all don't have the same games to start with, just that we try to get together)

Thank you

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I don't have an Xbox yet but I am getting one for myself this summer and also planning to get GTA:IV and the L&D add-on. I was hoping to get involved with an atheist gamer group on Xbox Live myself.

I'd love to play multi-player online games but experience with them with my Playstation 2 shows that I tend to get kicked out of games because I'm deaf and can't communicate with other players thru a headset and mic. I just tend to get in there and play. I intend to also get a messenger pad that connects to the controler tho. Not sure how that works in game playing tho.

I'll let you guys know what my Gamertag is when I get hooked up.
Couldn't afford it... actually bought a refurbished Xbox from eBay. It works great tho. So far it's stood up to practically 16 hour days of gaming. I've already beaten the storyline for GTA:IV since getting it. Now I'm working on GTA:TLAD.

At some point when I can afford it I may spring for an Elite.
how about a PSN Atheist clan? I have 6 PS3s, so share the love.
My gamertag is OmenSign
I am LarianLeQuella on XBox Live. I am in the middle of moving right now, so I don't have it connected. Mostly do Rock Band with the family, and then sometimes some Oblivion or Prototype. Not much into the FPS games and the like. I do most of my gaming on the PC (Dark Age of Camelot is still my favorite).



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