I like all of them, but I really like Samantha Carter.

Samantha Carter

Samantha "Sam" Carter is an astrophysicist and USAF officer. She is played by Amanda Tapping in a regular role in seasons 1–10, in both direct-to-DVD films and makes an appearance in all seasons of Stargate Atlantis. Captain Carter joins SG-1 under the command of Col. O'Neill in season 1. Following her promotion to Major in season 3, she is promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in early season 8 and assumes command of SG-1. She assists Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell in seasons 9 and 10. After her appearance in Stargate: The Ark of Truth, she is promoted to a "full bird" Colonel and becomes the new commander of the Atlantis expedition in season 4 of Stargate Atlantis before joining SG-1 again for Stargate: Continuum. She is later made the commander of the USS George Hammond, a Daedalus-class Earth ship named after former SGC commander General Hammond, who died in correlation with the actor who played him, Don S. Davis.


Who do you like best?

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Jack.  Because he's Jack and he's a huge smart-ass. 


I named my youngest son Jack (he's 14 months old now).  And my husband knows exactly where I got the name and why I picked it.

That's awesome! Jack is great too - I love all the characters, it was hard just picking one favorite.
It's a tie between Sam and Daniel.
Yeah, it's hard picking just one favorite.
Definitely a Jack O'Neill guy here. Skeptical, street-smart, smarmy.




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