I have been looking around the web for bereavement groups. I had to leave my hospice group because they were pretty controlling.

I need to grieve in my own way.

I did not always get along with my aunt and she even abused me sometimes.

So I accept the good and the bad and her death has forced me to do that. Instead of living in a fantasy world with her being all good or all bad.

But when she was not acting out in her illness, she was very good to me and we do have happy memories.

The cmas I spent with her right before she died in 2008 was wonderful. She showered me with gifts as always and this year, I found a blouse in a bag that I hadn't even tried on yet and I love it.

ty for having me.

I also belong to a group on a website called Godless Grief. Google it if you want.


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