Some darn good times / Erin Davis (Best friend )
oh man, lets see where do I begin lol Chris was so full of life. He was one of those people that would say something like, you can sleep when youre dead, lets go do something! lol One of the things that Chris and I had in common was a want to be in the medical field. Well one day, (actually many days haha) Chris got some cut, he had a big one of his finger one time, and I would say of my gosh lets hurry up and go to the dr. Of course Chris, cool as a cucumber, would go grap his super glue and duct tape. Im thinking what! how is this going to help you! lets go to the dr, hurry. Ohhhhh no lol he wasnt too fancy on medicine or dr's... if he could avoid them, he would. So what did Chris do, he super glued his finger shut and wrapped it in duct tape haha! I think i laughed for an hour. From then on, if he had a cut i would just say wheres your super glue, ill go grab it haha!

I later noticed a change, a change that made me so proud! After he started going to school to be an EMT, thats all he talked about. I couldnt get him to shut up about all he was learning! Well, one day he had this huuuuge cut on his arm that was about 3 inches long or so, gushing blood and I was freaking out. My first thought was super glue and duct tape wont fix this one buddy! He knew that though, and he went to this kit he had, and said Erin come here, i need you to hold this cut closed so i can stitch it. What!! i said. Im not holding your bloody arm closed while you stitch! Buuuuuut i did anyway. I just couldnt say no to him! lol So sure enough he stitched his own arm, later poured vodka over it as a disinfectant and he was on his way! haha It was at that point I realised Chris would be alot better Dr then I would.

I miss you Chris and Love u so much! See you later!

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