These photos from trip yesterday at the Portland Rose Garden.   It's the perfect time, most were in bloom and rose scent permeated the air.  Portland's garden has a predominance of Hybrid Tea roses, although there are other types.  Probably thousands of rose bushes there. 


Roses have an interesting evolutionary history as well as being good examples of the effects of the Columbian exhange / globalization of local species, but I'll leave that for another post.  My grandfather's sisters started Hybrid Teas in their yard by sticking prunings into the ground then making a mini-greenhouse using a pickle or sauerkraut jar.  I have several that I started in a similar way.


The multipetaled center tells me this is not a Hybrid Tea, more in the style of English Roses and newer hybrids. 

Sometimes I think I experience too much through the camera.  Then again,looking back at the photo I think "that's very cool".

You can't take a picture in portland without noting a view of the local volcano, so here it is from the rose garden.  I couldn't get Mt. Hood and roses in the same shot.  The garden is situated above the city, so you get a few towers in the pic as well.

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These are so beautiful! What a great sunny day you had, was it yesterday? We had heavy rain yesterday. 

Perfect start for a bright sunny day here. 

Joan, Sunny sunday and monday, woke up to rain today! 




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