Carol's lawn-turned-garden in Texas (12 photos)
I have lived in west Texas and Central Texas, and I had beautiful gardens in each place. I never thought I would see a garden like this one in Texas. I don't see where she lives. I wonder?

She wrote, "I use mostly natives and drought tolerant plants. 'Country Girl' chrysanthemum, purple aster, Salvia leucantha, and plumbago are the stand-outs this time of year . . . with coral vine scampering over everything it can reach. I don't have much luck growing food, but did buy a 'Carnavale' apple recently that I'm espaliering on the back fence. A fig tree has just replaced a persimmon that didn't make it through the summer."

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Beautiful.  Hope the edibles do well.

That garden is beautiful, and from the sounds of it, sparing on the water supply.  I hope to see more gardens like this as people become less obsessed with golf-course-like lawns and more enthusiastic about horticultural diversity.

Very beautiful! And very sensible to use plants that match the local climate; the look wonderful! Happy cat to prove that it's a good home - Mark Twain knew that - thanks for posting, Joan! 

Beautiful.  I can dream ... and just keep planting. It's encouraging to know that even in 100 degree heat something can look that lush.  Native/heat/drought tolerant plants is the only way to go. 


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