In my Pacific Northwest garden (Portland Oregon area), we had a late cold rainy Spring.  Now it's the warm dry season although nights are cool.


Here in my yard, strawberries and cherried were not as plentiful this year, although we got a few pounds of each.  Long gone now.  I have a new cherry tree, planted in Spring of '09 as a bare-root, variety is "Surefire" - a pie cherry that can be eated off the tree as well.  There were a half dozen cherries, enough for a taste, they were very good, different from anything at the grocery store.  Spring onions, lettuce, radishes and spinach are long gone as well.


Looks like one small tomato is almost ripe, although they are growing OK and have lots of blooms, so maybe in a month.


Peppers (chilis and bell peppers)  look great.  I grew them in half-barrels this year to warm the soil.  They sulked for a long time, but the plants now look lush and have a number of nice looking peppers.


We ate our first summer squash yesterday - sort of a golden zucchini.  Yummy.  Basil is lush green and fragrant.  Cilantro is past its prime.


We also grew special potato varieties, fingerlings and "gourmet white" in half barrels.  These were great!  Much better than store-bought.  Im trying to start a second crop, to see if we get some by winter.  Never tried that before.  They are slow to sprout, we'll see.


First ripe fig today.  There will be a few summer figs, most will be in the fall.


Never got around to planting beans until last week.  Last year I planted some in late July, and got a number of batches from them in the fall, so planted some Romas and Yellow French bush bean seeds last week.


So that's some of ours.  How about yours?

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It's interesting to see how different your region is from mine. I live in Wisconsin, where we seem to be ahead of you by about two weeks in terms of summer vegetables. The tomatoes, zucchini, and okra are rolling in, and the beans are about done. It is far too late to think about planting more beans. Weather here has been generally warm and humid, with little cooling off at night. The mosquitoes have been vicious this year!

The spring crop of lettuce and spinach was excellent; disappointed with the sugar snap peas, though.
This time of year, if we leave our car out, we lock the doors. Otherwise, we might wake up in the morning to a car full of zukes.
Figs (!). I've heard that figs can be grown in our Zone 5 if extraordinary measures are taken. I may do that once I get my ordinary measures gardens in.

So far, I've had three tomatoes and a few quarts of strawberries. Will probably put a fall garden in soon.

Do you use innoculant when you plant beans?




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