I love it. Might be my favorite vegetable. I'm thinking of planting 30 meters of row. Any 'secret' tips?

The last ones lasted over 30 years, but are now dead. Nobody has any idea what great grandma did to make them produce for so long. 

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I grow and love to eat asparagus! So versatile. My bed is about 15 years old. It's about 30' long and 2' wide. Harvest season lasts 4 months--April through July. No special secrets, but I do fertilize it every early autumn.

I love it also, but don't have any tips.  My 3 year-old asparagus is doing poorly.  None of the 4 plants are large enough to harvest any yet, and half of them look worse than they did last year.

I've discovered one thing I've been doing wrong.  Not keeping my asparagus soil moist.  I just read another thing I've been doing wrong.  Letting other plants grow near them.  They don't like competition.

My asparagus bed is 34 years old and still producing well--although I have replenished spare sections with new crowns in recent years.  The salient tip, I think, is to plant deep because the crowns will rise in the bed as the bed ages.  Dig a trench two feet deep.  Add six inches of composted manure and lime.  Spread out the crowns about 18 inches apart.  Fill in.  Add manure and wood ashes or lime each spring and fall.




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