Assisted Migration Adaptation Trial

"Approximately 200 million seedlings are planted in BC each year. When those trees are harvested 60-80 years after they are planted, the climate could be 3-4 degrees warmer than when the seedlings were planted, exposing the trees to maladaptation and health risks. Consequently, Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resource Operations researchers have initiated a large, long-term climate change research study - the Assisted Migration Adaptation Trial (AMAT) - to better understand tree species’ climate tolerances. 

"Seeds from 15 species growing in BC and neighbouring US states were planted between 2009 and 2012 at 48 reforestation sites from northern California to southern Yukon. Their growth and health will be monitored, and related to the climate of the plantations, enabling researchers to identify the seed sources most likely to be best adapted to current and future climates. The information will be used to revise BC’s species and seed source selection guidelines, helping to ensure maximum health and productivity of BC’s planted forests well into the future."


Here is an action we can take, contact our County Extension agent to determine what trees, shrubs, berries, might be tested and plant some varieties on our pieces of land and monitor them. 

We may be too late, and hopeless, but what have we got to lose? I like a good challenge. 


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Joan, this is a great concept! 




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