Backyard chickens are becoming more popular. The information is growing. I thought it would be helpful to have a thread to collect reference sites for those who are curious or just need advice.

Hens have been a central part of our small suburban garden for 5 years. Even though chickens are animals, not plants, raising them is still a feature of gardening. We look at the eggs as a "fruit" that can be harvested year-round. The chicken poop makes for the best compost for the garden. In addition to their regular feed, we feed the chickens lots of weeds, meaning that weeds become a crop instead of a nuisance. They love dandelions - I now have a dandelion puller - and crabgrass, and clover, and oxalis. They also love trimmings from grape vines.

Here are a few sites:

Fowl Visions

Omelet UK

The poultry

Chucks and Chooks.

The Backyard Chicken

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This chicken coop reminds me of the house trailer we lived in 1941, in Las Vegas. It was only 12 feet long, but it had this shape. Kind of an evocative emotion swept over me. Anyway, if anyone needs a pattern for a chicken coop, not a house trailer, here is one. 

what a cool chicken house!  I love it!

I love chickens! I'll look at these websites!
Do you have pictures of your chickens? Also you could post this discussion in my bird group - I think the group would love to hear about your chickens.




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