Transforming a high maintenance lawn into an abundant food producing system, including building a contour dam and swale. For more information, visit:

Backyard Organic Garden   (I am not able to get the Embed to work)

Backyard Organic Garden part 2   (This Embed works)

He put in a lot of work, more than my old body will do again, and his effort pays off, big time. Lots of ideas for smaller projects. 

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Here's another take on the backyard organic garden, using an in-ground swimming pool. Garden Pool

They claim to get half of their food from the backyard for $100/month maintenance. This is the first time I've heard of duckweed as a boon. There's a nice video.

Excellent example of what people can do to become self-sufficient. I'm sharing Thanks. 

This was nice. I could not get tha sound to work on my tablet but i got the general idea. Swimming pools are an extravagent wAste of water resources in the desert. They shoukd do this in other desert climates.
Very nice! He's more obanized and plans better than I do. I anted to get stuff started quickly and was derailedby cancer and work. By getting things in quicklw, I also learned what deer would desryoy, and am working on strategied. I also learnes what bees like an will expand on that. Th area to the back of the house has starts of 6 fig rees. Between them I put down black plastic. Th goal next year is a big borage bed, which they are foraging every last flower, and chines chives, ditto. They like sedum now too, so will divide plants and put in a bed of those. All dry tolerand, deer have not browsed them,
Why does everyone use black plastic? Is it for the added warmth in colder growing areas? Or weed control or both? It's so humid in ky all l get, with plastic, is mold or mildew. I wonder if I should try it again.
Suggestions? Comments?

Personally, I don't use black plastic for those reasons and others. My hardest challenge in the garden is diseases, such as fungus and molds. For walkways I use 2" fir wood chips; other options are grass clippings, gravels, concrete stepping stones. 

For the beds I use mulch of pine needles, well composted steer manure and my compost. These do not create problems for me, they keep weeds down, they preserve moisture and feed the plants at the same time.

Don't use Round-up or Miracle Grow, because they kill bacteria, worms and other living organisms necessary for good plant development. I am totally organic now. I also use Ladybugs and green lacewings for aphid protection. I released one batch of each 2 years ago in my garden and have not seen one aphid since. My rose leaves are lovely. Not a blotch on them and no black fungus. 

Keep Your Garden Plastic-Free with These Easy Swaps

Miracle-Gro is a synthetic fertilizer

Oh, I see from the yellow rose picture that I have a leaf chewer working on the leaves. I'll get out the diatomaceous earth. 

Also, for walkways, I use a lot of "stepable plants", mosses, wooly thyme, chamomile nobile Roman, 

Thanks Joan.
You doing okay l hope.

I am doing wonderfully, thanks for asking k.h. ky. Right now I am spreading my compost over the entire garden and getting protection to my roses. I have been working on this project all week and will probably still be spreading that black gold for another week. I put about 2" of compost all over the garden every fall. My compost bins will fill up over the winter with kitchen waste and my compost pile will be replaced with all the trimmings of flowers and green growth from this summer. I get a pile of that about 2' high and 12' long by the end of the fall cleanup. 

I feel strong, energetic and back to a full day of tasks. Can't be more content than when my hand are in compost. 

Joan, Thank you so much for posting this.  I can't believe how similar his layout is to mine.  All this time I thought I didn't have very much room/space when in fact I have much more than he does. I am so pumped and inspired by his ideas/layout. 




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