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Dominic, are these your photos? What a nice diversity of critters. This fellow with the chin flap, is it a co-inhabiter of your garden? The little red-eyed frog looks like a good insect catcher. Oh my, the butterflies and bees round out a nice group of residents. 

These were all taken in my Florida garden.  I love all plants and animals, but I specifically garden to attract wildlife.  I use both natives and tropicals and combine them in island beds.  I also have a wooded area which provides a wide diversity.  Chin strap is a Cuban anole showing off for the females.  The tree frog is just a baby.  I see butterflies 12 months out of the year.

Dominic, thank you very much for sharing with us. A very great treat, especially with all the ground and trees covered in snow here. It is a special type snow that comes when fog moves in and freezes on every leaf and branch. A true winter wonderland.
frost + fog = fost.

Beautiful pics Dominic!  You show that gardening is about more than the plant kingdom - there are also the animals.

Thanks for sharing, Dominic! The black and white butterfly looks like the one that needs passion flowers, I think. The Rotterdam zoo had a lot of those butterflies.

Beautiful Dominic! Thats what we call interconnection of species in life cycle. Still there are many that we can't see. That is the way life should be looked upon.


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