On the comment wall, the Purple Oyster left the following observation: " Dirt by the way is nothing special and everything special at the same time. It's all about how one see's dirt isn't it?"

Dirt is what we get under our fingernails, and what we wash off of our boots and track into the house on a rainy day. It dulls the finish on our cars. But the soil is also what nourishes our flowers and vegetables, holds the water and minerals, keeps the rain from washing everything away.

My suburban yard was brick-hard clay, couldn't get a shovel into it in the summer. Over the years, I've added hundreds of pounds of compost, many bags of chopped leaves, kitchen scraps, bags and bags of coffee grounds from Starbucks, several seasons of chicken poop from 4 backyard chickens, and pound and pounds of crushed eggshell for the calcium. Now it's loamy and moist, and most of the veggies and trees and flowers like it.

I've told people that, should I die unexpectedly, I hope they'll plant me in one of the organic cemeteries, without pumping my veins full of toxins, so that I compost and enrich the soil too.

So dirt is noting special, but is also very special too.

Comments? Thoughts?

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Well put! I recently learned a wee bit about soil science. Now I think people shouldn't treat their soil like dirt.
Love this photo!
Loki dresses quite formally to work in the garden. I could never wear a tuxedo and spats, I'd just get them dirty.

My impression of dirt is this: Earth didn't come into existence with dirt.  Dirt is as much the product of the evolution of life on this planet as the life itself is.  Indeed, a great portion of life on this planet wouldn't be possible without the detritus of previous life that learned to subsist and indeed GROW because it had dirt as a medium to grow IN.

Dirt is as common as ... well, dirt ... but there's an awful lot that wouldn't be here without it, including US.

Loren, it's funny to see this old post.

At least my attitude stays the same.  it's not often  I call that stuff "dirt".  To me it's usually "soil".

If anything, I view the soil as the medium without which we wouldn't exist.  Like you.  Something to be nurtured and fed.  

John Burroughs

“Man takes root at his feet, and at best he is no more than a potted plant in his house or carriage till he has established communication with the soil by the loving and magnetic touch of his soles to it.” 
― John Burroughs


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