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It looks like a good idea and he seems to explain it well, but I couldn't watch the whole video because the fast moving camera made me dizzy and nauseous. 

It looks like he could have some good ideas I can use when I start building my greenhouse, so I'm going to try watching his videos another day when I'm not as irritated by the moving camera images.

So many of the home videos are like that; I just can't watch even if the information is what I look for. 

   I hope I can express my opinion here.. I am not an expert and I don't mean to sound cocky.....

I was wondering about cross-contamination between the piglets, chickens and plants. Also it seems a rather expensive structure that will not last long against the extreme climate. The wood he bought are not pressure treated.Bare wood on ground invites termites and wood ants and wet wood rot. Also having animals near a compost pile is not advisable. An enclosed compost pile is more dangerous. Compost piles gives off gasses. Wood chips also give off gasses too. This is a danger for chickens for chickens have delicate lungs and are easily suspect-able to diseases. This is why a chicken coop must be cleaned every week to reduce the exposes to ammonia. Compost pile also need to be left alone for about two weeks to reach maximum cooking tempt that will kill off most harmful bacteria. So, the higher the compost temp, the more gasses it gives off. Always keep a compost pile separate from living quarters.

   I am not sure but I think he said something about bears? Bears can't through the wire???? Seriously? A starving bear in winter can lift the whole thing up and toss it.

I still prefer a chicken tractor and a separate coop. I built a large chicken tractor 10 feet by 8 feet and 2 feet high. It is portable and can be easily dismantled for storage during winter.




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