This is more "maybe" than actuality.


"Aquaponics is the marriage of aquaculture, fish farming, and hydroponics, vegetable farming, without soil"

Basically, the plants feed the fish, and the fish excrement feeds the plants.  Both fish and plants can be harvested from the same space.  The fish do need to be fed other food - there is no such thing as a productive, closed system.

I like systems like this where one part interacts with the other for mutual benefit.  It's a little like what we do with our chickens - the chickens clear out lawn so we don't have to.  They eat bugs, slugs, weeds and kitchen scraps.  We use the manure and waste straw for compost to grow vegetables.  Some vegetables are divided between us and the chickens - they eat the turnip leaves, radish plants and pea plants, we eat the turnips, radishes, and peas.  Also, they love grapevines, and we eat the grapes.  We use dried, crushed eggshells to supplement plant calcium needs.  We eat the eggs.

I could see the aquaponic setups being helpful for permaculture and small level farmers.  I hope it helps these farmers in Uganda.

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The experiment sounds interesting. I'd have liked to see more photos.

Ruth, thank you.

This article has an album you can page through.

Also  "The growing media is snail shells used in poultry feeds, the fish tank a water butt and the grow-beds are recycled glucose containers. The system was stocked with 100 tilapia and various plants including: peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, kale, amaranth, rosemary, pumpkins and lettuce. This will provide much more than enough feed for one family and therefore a significant supplemental income"




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