In just its third year, my cherry tree produced wonderful and abundant fruit for the first time this summer.   And the birds don't bother the fruit.  A great success story, I must say.  The pie was fantastic.

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Don I haven't heard of that one before.  Ducking on it - like googling but I use duckduckgo - sounds interesting....   just what I need, another fruit tree  :-) 


I had challenges due to deer eating much of the growth on my young cherry trees.  I can only put in so many tree cages.  One, a Duke Cherry, did poorly so this summer I budded on Ranier and a red sweet cherry that produce well here.  We'll see if the buds take, next year.  Another, NorthStar, that did very poorly and was chewed by deer.  I also budded that one with "SureFire, which I have grown and is more vigorous and vertical.  I don't know how that will do.


I might put in some more deer cages to protect what I have.  Thanks for posting on Evans Bali.  Certainly looks delicious.

Evans Bali Cherry from one nursery in Vt.  Maybe if I can find one on the West coast.....

Boy, I'd love some of that pie!  Looked it up on Wikipedia, and found it was a "sour" cherry.  What I would call a tart cherry, or better yet, a pie cherry.

I had a pie cherry tree for a few years and the birds didn't bother it either, but they decimated my sweet cherries if I let them.  I seem to remember that the cherry fruit flies didn't bother the pie cherry much either.

Yes, it's a "sour" cherry--and it's self-fruiting, which is what you want.  It bears early in its life and reliably.  The fresh cherries are certainly edible--just not sweet--and reasonably tasty, if nothing like a sweet cherry. 

Before I made the pie, I had my doubts.  But it was the best cherry pie I've ever eaten.  I was overjoyed.  I also picked quite a few and stuffed them into a jar, stems and all, with a little sugar, and then filled the jar with brandy.  They're in the fridge waiting for Old-Fashioned time.




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