Hy Firiends! I was used to spend some hours daily with friends at nexus. One day when I tried to open it, I found it was blocked. It was a real shock. Was just like losing my family. Felt very alone. In desperation I turned all my attentions to my cacti collection. Found some real good friends on cacti circles of facebook. Specially I was able to sit among world best in cacti grafting. Had some very valuable knowledge from those men of knowledge. After 2-3 years I am now able to graft 7 days old cacti seedlings(sized in millimeters) on different stocks. My collection had also grown much bigger since I parted you.

I don't know what else to say. There is so many things to tell and boy, I am feeling really excited. Like a child. So please forgive for losing organization. Just amazing to be among you people. You don't know what it means for me.

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Amer, I missed you when you stopped communicating and tried to reach out to you to no avail. I am so glad you are back and happy to learn of your cactus collection. Did you ever find out why you were blocked? In any event, welcome back. I am eager to learn of your situation since last talking with you. Can you remember when you were blocked? What year and month? I can't remember when I lost contact with you. 


Hi Amer! I'm glad you're back after more than two years! We hear of so many bad things happening to atheists in your area that we thought you had fallen victim to the believers too - and no way of contacting you. Tell us more!

Amer, so glad you are back!

I do want to use appropriate safety for you. If you are writing under your real name, would it be better to change that to an internrt name? Amer Cactus or something? The things I hear about South Asia and Atheists make me worry a lot about the safety of anyone in South Asia who is not with the majority on religion.

So glad your grafting is successful! I graft fruit trees. It is a lot of fun. Most of my cacti are epiphytic types. I really enjoy their flowers in winter.

Thanks to all of the friends. I missed you all too. When I left Daniel you were recovering from your cancer operation. I am eager to know how was your recovery and what changes it brought to your life.

As for as security is concerned, I am using my real name. It is no use having a fake name because I am an open atheist for 20ys or so. Everyone in my surroundings already knows what I am. Apart from that things are improving fast in Pakistan now as our Govt. is seriously fighting war against religious gangsters. This had very pleasant effect on overall atmosphere. We have no real threat here now.

Its nice to listen about your Epis Daniel. Last year I made an exchange with a Epiphylum collecting friend from Argentine but most of the cuttings were lost during journey. Only 3 of them survived. They really have beautiful flowers.

Amer,thanks for asking. My cancer surgery was major but I survived. My diet changed and there are some daily discomforts. The anti-cancer medication leaves me fatigued and often foggy brain. Thinking about my gatden,vegetables, fruits, trees, flowers, bees, those are sll good things. i grateful to have known Joan as she goes through her cancer treatment and story too. She gives me perspective.

Im glad Pakistan has some improvements for free-thinking people. We only hear bad news.

Do you have photos of your cacti?

I plan to add some opuntia for fun and maybe for food. I can kerp them in my glass room - sunroom - during the winter. In addition to a couple of epiphyllum, I have about a dozen Schlumbergers that bloom beautifully during the winter. They give a lot of joy.




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