Here's a link to artist Fritz Haeg, who sets a great example, tearing up front lawns and creating what he calls Edible Estates.  

Also a google search on images, same topic.

Some communities still don't accept front yard gardening.  My yard is only one of two on my block, but I'm glad we are not alone.  Mine is much messier however - we're starting to think I should refer to it as a "meadow."

video on the project.

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My front yard is much tastier than this:

I like to think I attract more wildlife with a "natural" lawn and garden. That's my reason for infrequent mowing and "weed eating". Neighbors be damned. Another reason is the grass clippings I gather for my compost pile. But the bottom line reason is I'm cheap--gas is expensive!

It's an interesting idea, but it wouldn't work for me. My front garden is heavily shaded. Also a previous landscaper used landscape timbers that turned out to be poisonous, so the soil isn't all that safe for food.

Had I a safe soil sunny fornt yard I would totally try it.

Another article on front yard gardening with lovely combinations and design. 

Maria's lawn-be-gone front yard in Ontario

TEDxDirigo - Roger Doiron - A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolu...

Remember Roger Doiron, the fellow who petitioned for the White House Organic Garden? 

He also founded Kitchen Gardeners International, a network of people around the world to take a hands-on approach to creating a local food supply. He advocates changes of policies, practices, technologies, and techniques for growing food. 

Thanks for that video Joan.  I was especially impressed by the food subsidies graphics:

That subsidy garden resulted in damage to health and environment. 

I'm glad the kitchen garden included rhubarb  :)  Three patches of rhubarb!

But where are the potatoes?  I want potatoes!

You scream, I scream, we all scream for potatoes!  

Ha!  I didn't even notice there were no potatoes.  I didn't study the image much at all because I knew my preferred crops would almost certainly be different.

My potatoes didn't do well this year.  Most were killed in a late frost and never recovered.  We got a few that were spared.  Next year.....   maybe a row cover over them for safety, or at least watch the weather prediction.

I should set up a raised bed just for potatoes.  Another project.....

I hope more and more front yards start looking like this.

Daniel, thanks for pointing out
"The layout of the White House Kitchen Garden, were it planted to reflect the crop subsidies funded by US taxpayers via the US Farm Bill,
$10,000,000,000 for corn, soy, wheat and cotton.
$50,000,000 for fruits and vegetables."

I hadn't noticed this problem created by the US Farm Bill, both in terms of public health, environment and soil health.

Sorry to learn of your potato disappointment. I like your idea of a cover and watching the weather during those cold snaps. Do you plant your potatoes in a mound?

Spud, my daughter's horses would love Garfield's front yard. Larry takes the grass cuttings to the horses and they wait anxiously when the tractor starts toward the barn. They know the routine.

Randall, I like your idea of "natural". Much better for the gardener, flora and fauna, and I assume worms are included in fauna. Well, grass that is well manicured and chemically fertilized is not a place of health.

We moved to Spokane in 1966 when my former husband went to Viet Nam for a year. We arrived in the autumn and rented a little house in the valley subdivision; no one came all that season or winter from the neighborhood and I put my three two-year olds, dressed in red hooded jackets, in a red wagon and walked around trying to get acquainted, to no success. After all, we were a military family and that meant temporary. Early in the spring I ordered a truck load of well composted manure and had it dumped in my driveway. I started spreading it over the grass and borders ... neighbors from all over started arriving with shovels and rakes and helped me spread that entire load in just a few hours. I had "real" neighbors from that day on.




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