I have tried a number of hoses.  The biggest problem is the kinks.  I need at least 150 ft of hose, but even just pulling out a few feet, results in kinks.

I have had a very heavy duty black hose which is very difficult to drag around due to its weight.  It was expensive, even for Wal-Mart and it supposedly has a lifetime guarantee.  Good luck in me finding the long lost paperwork.

My sister works at Home Shopping Network and just ordered me three (50 ft ea) hoses, which are advertised on TV.  The hose is collapsible and light weight.  I have been using it for one week.  I have been diligent about draining it of water and leaving the nozzle open so that air and water can drain while it is stored.  It is such a pleasure with no kinking and being light weight.

After one week it burst while the water was flowing.  I was in shock because I was loving the non-kink feature and the ease of moving around the property to water the plants and animals. Of course, I will return it.

I hooked up the old black hose and I am truly miserable.  I can deal with the weight if I have to, but it constantly kinks.  Imagine having to constantly interrupt water by walking back and forth the length of the hose, just to un-kink it.

PLEASE, has anyone found a solution to this problem?  Why can't we get a thinner version of a fire hose?  I am really bummed out over this.  It was like a week of freedom taken away from me.  HELP! 

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You reminded me that one of the many reviews I read, said it can be kinked.  If I experience any kinking or other problems, I'll come here and report.  My guess is that if it can kink, a longer hose would be more likely to do so.

Wonderful to see you here Dominic!  I hope you are doing well!

Dominic, it is just great seeing your name in the lineup again. I hope you are healthy, happy and still gardening! 

I was in WinCo Foods today and went by those 25 foot stainless steel hoses.  I don't know what made me look at the price, but I saw they're now only $6.25 instead of $25.  

I don't know if that's because people just are not interested in trying them, or if they have a lot of unhappy returns.  I forgot to ask at the help desk, but will try to remember to next time.  So far I'm happy with the other two I bought, so I took a chance and purchased two more.

A while back I decided I wanter a 50 food one, so I purchased it online.  

I'll come back and report periodically whether I'm still happy with them or not.


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