A song was in my heart--and throat--as I was able to work in the garden for the first time this year. Got the old stuff cleaned up. Still too wet to till, but that's not necessary anyway. In fact, it may be more harmful than good. Any takes on that?

I figured what the heck, why not plant some frost resistant veggies. So I did: peas, radish, lettuce, spinach, and kale. Today, leftover sprouting potatoes go in. I "recycle" for about 3-4 years before buying new seed potatoes. Seems to work.

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Okay, "work"! The site of my garden is a former barn foundation. Thirty five years ago, it was mostly clay with pebbles, even concrete pieces! It's been a labor of love transforming it to where it is today. Not perfect, but acceptable. Finally, my topsoil layer is 6" deep, thanks to lots of compost and earthworms. It's only been in the last 10 years I've had worms. They help immensely. Wonder what it'll look like in 30 years? Hope to be around to find out.

Fantastic to work a garden for 35 years!

Planted a blackberry bush yesterday.  My first gardening effort of the year.  I would have started earlier, but I had a lot of other kinds of yard work to do.  I replaced one large gate in my driveway with 2 large ones, so I can drive straight in and get more vehicles inside.

I'm going to have to move my 2 year old asparagus plant before I can start driving my van in, as it will go right over it.

And I agree with you and Sentient.  Garden "work" should be in quotes.

I have a small blackberry "grove" that came up voluntarily. Otherwise, I forage for wild ones. What amazes me is the different varieties out there. Only one asparagus plant? I have 12, not to brag!

Wish there were wild blackberries around here.  They're my favorite fruit.  Well, maybe tied with huckleberries, but I have to drive too far to get those.  Someday, I may get a spot in my garden acidic enough to grow huckleberries.

I have 4 asparagus plants but only have to move one.  

Not bragging eh?  Well, no problem.   Go ahead.  That will give me permission to brag a little more than I have been : )

I suppose "bragging" is a form of self-appreciation/loving, a requisite for a healthy life. Despite the pride I have in my garden (and other things), somebody comes along with something bigger and better, which deflates my balloon (egotism?).  Brag on, Spud!!




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