A song was in my heart--and throat--as I was able to work in the garden for the first time this year. Got the old stuff cleaned up. Still too wet to till, but that's not necessary anyway. In fact, it may be more harmful than good. Any takes on that?

I figured what the heck, why not plant some frost resistant veggies. So I did: peas, radish, lettuce, spinach, and kale. Today, leftover sprouting potatoes go in. I "recycle" for about 3-4 years before buying new seed potatoes. Seems to work.

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I'm also busy in my veggie roof garden. The night frost is not quite gone, but it can't be serious on the 4th floor in town. Sofar there are different sorts of peas outside and some beans, and koolrabi and meiraap - the online dictionary hasn't got a translation for those - they are both cabbage family but with a very thick edible stem.

It's impressive that you can garden on the rooftop.  

Googled on meiraap:  is this it?  Turnip.

Thanks, I begin to get lost in all the different varieties of a few plants. And I can garden here because I haven't got anything else. Once you've grown a 3 metre high sunflower in a bucket you can't stop. I got infected by the transition town ideas and now I try to find out what I can do where I am..

I didn't think of a roof garden when I had a flat roofed house.  Sounds great.

Chris, I think I would do the same thing.  I've grown something in every place where I have lived, even all-indoor apartment.

By the way, I have a row of turnips sprouting from seeds now too.  Will have to protect them soon - we have rabbit issues.

Cool! Roof top gardens fascinate me. I'd be afraid to try it. Don't have to, but could. And no, I'd never heard of meiraap. If it tastes like a turnip, no thanks.

It isn't as grand as it sounds. Here's a picture; my apartment and my roof garden both on top of an old bank building.

Looks private and secluded.  Peaceful.

Thank you, those are nice words on a bleak day! Better pictures in a month or so.

Nice.  Looks like your rooftop will not get full sun for many hours a day, but it should get a lot of reflected light from the white walls, so you probably can grow quite a few kinds of plants.  Yes?

You're right. Still grey and rainy here, bur spring has finally come.

Glad to see "work" in quotes.  My term is "Puttering meditation".  

Till  vs. no-till depends on your garden situation.  If you mulch well, tilling might not be needed.  It's considered harmful to the garden structure.  On the other hand, it might warm the soil up more.   

Much of my vegetable garden is in raised beds that once installed, don't get tilled.  I do add generous amounts of compost.

I like home grown potatoes. I think they have more flavor than store-bought.

Glad you are out in the garden.  It's good for the mind.


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