Orris is a perfume base, a flavoring in gin, and pot pouri, and has been used in herbalism.  Orris is an ancient tradition.  Orris is used in North African cuisine in a blend of spices.

Grown in Chinati Italy. Source of illustration and video is

And this image from

There are sources for Iris florentina, Iris dalmatica, and Iris germanica, in the US.  Those the species used for orris root.  I obtained starts of all 3 varieties last year.  No ambitions to make orris, just like growing stuff.

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Is orris from the iris family? They look so similar.

Randall, I think the way to look at it is orris is the iris grown for the root and the root product. The varieties grown for orris root are all progenitors of modern bearded iris. Since the modern flowers are complex hybrids, bred solely for their flowers, it is not known whether a varuety of modern bearded iris would have usable orris root.

i think the species / cultivar used in The Chianti video is Iris psllida dalmatica but I could be wrong.

Iris psllida dalmatica is the fragrant iris that offers pleasant aromas as I walk through the iris garden. It has green and striped yellow leaves, distinctive from my other iris. It is so sweet, I can't bring it in the house or I, and others of my family, get all clogged up. I usually don't bring flowers into the house anyway, but especially this iris. 

A very lovely story of simple processes that makes beauty and other products. I like the old gentleman.


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