I've been trying to nurture healthy soil microbes in my garden.  I like this article, which describes some of the thoughts about healthy soil.

"Not only do soil microorganisms nourish and protect plants, they play a crucial role in providing many "ecosystem services" that are absolutely critical to human survival. By many calculations, the living soil is the Earth's most valuable ecosystem, providing ecological services such as climate regulation, mitigation of drought and floods, soil erosion prevention, and water filtration, worth trillions of dollars each year."

My garden and lawn are messy, but they have a rich population of all sorts of creatures.  Sometimes I sit in the ground and watch the visible ones.  Interesting number of tiny pollinating bees, larger bees, earthworms, and other creatures.  Stop the herbicides in the lawn, and cut it fairly high, and tiny flowers start to grow and bloom within the lawn.  With added compost, the raised beds are productive and easy to maintain.

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k. hughes, Glad to know there is another worm-lover in the crowd. We are becoming quite a group.

Chop Chop Compost, thanks Frank Gapinski




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