Himalayan bloom brings spring forward

Shocking! Half a degree C rise made native  rhododendrons bloom three months early! 

The blooming of rhododendron, with their conspicuous displays of deep red or pale pink flowers, has always heralded the arrival of spring in the Himalayas, but this has undergone a dramatic change. Peak flowering season is now early February to mid-March, instead of the spring months from March to May.

... they analysed the long-term temperature data of the region for the previous 40 years (1971-2011) and found a comparatively small but significant increase in mean maximum temperature of 0.5°C over the period.

Using real time observations in three seasons, 2009 to 2011, and long-term herbarium records from 1893 to 2003, the scientists concluded that the peak flowering of the tree had moved forward three months – by between 88 and 97 days, depending on the recording site. [emphasis mine]

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Oh, but climate change is a Chinese fraud!  Haven't you heard? [smh]


and many more plants miss their appointments with insects and birds....





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