i love them even if they make me hiccup uncontrollably what about you guys 

this year im growing, Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper, Caribbean Red Habanero Pepper, and the hottest for now the Trinidad Scorpion Pepper


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and anybody have a recipe for hot pepper jelly i have found a bunch but they all call for sweet pepper also and i done know why i would like to use honey in place of sugar but dont know how that will effect the pectin 

King, can't you just substitute the hot for the sweet??

Absolutely. Picked this one up from thehotpepper.com a while back and it was fantastic. Nice to see other chilli heads on the site. Peach Habanero Jelly


  • 1 quart peaches - peeled, pitted, finely chopped
  • 7 peach habaneros - cored and seeds removed
  • 7 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice
  • 2 pouches liquid pectin


  • I use a food processor to chop up the peeled peaches and habaneros.
  • Mix together the peaches, habaneros, and sugar.
  • Bring to a boil - stirring in the sugar.
  • Add the two packs of liquid pectin.
  • Return to a hard boil for 1 minute.
  • Begin to test how well it will set (put a few drops on a plat, put in freezer for a half minute and see if it is setting.)
  • Pack in sterilized jars. Process in boiling water bath for 10 minutes.

It does call for a lot of sugar though, and being that you can't scale back any liquids, it probably wouldn't gel properly if you used honey. Not sure how you'd get around that. Maybe different types of pectin? I also wouldn't core the habaneros. Just get rid of the seeds. Don't wanna waste that heat :D

And I'm only growing Caribbean red habaneros as far as they go I am going to send 5lbs to a friend and have. Some wine made from them the TS peppers that is hahaha

WOW! You have picked some really hot peppers. I like Frank's Sauce for chicken wings, and use jalapeno and chili pepper in my cooking. I don't think I would enjoy those hotter varieties. Are you planning on using them in your menus? 

do you meen am i planning on eatting them yes

Do your lips burn, your stomach churn and your external anal sphincter feel like it is on fire? Oh dear! You must be young and able to withstand hot foods. Love Of Spicy Food Is Built Into Your Personality

I am 23 and I am one odd duck I love cold weather I wear shorts all thur our indiana winter and saddles I'm 6ft 3 or a little more and am know as a hoss I'm a math major in college and as far as hot food it never does anything once it hits the belly

Youth has its advantages, as does being an elder. Your hot food and shorts in winter must have a connection.

King, wow those are some hot peppers!

This year I'm growing Tabasco peppers, Hot Lemon, Thai, Red Cayenne, Hungarian Hot Banana, Santa Fe, Fish, and several varieties of sweet peppers, like Sweet Banana, and Wisconsin Lakes.  

I hiccup too with too much heat.

I started some of mine a month ago, but I also planted a few Red Portugal pepper plants at christmas.  I grew then in a window under fluorescent lights. Those have peppers on them, but not ripe yet.

Last month and last week I planted most of them into a raised bed with a poly tunnel cover.  This week is hot, so the cover is off.

This one calls for honey and sugar.

This one also calls for honey.  It's sweet pepper but I imagine you could substitute some or all of the sweet pepper with hot.  Might be really hot if you do that.

I picked them for the heat I may misbehave with them at college this fall




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