My Grandmother Denoo grew walnuts; and it was one of the chores cousins shared, to gather them, & shell them. I am not sure what she did with them to keep them fresh. We alway had walnuts through the winter months.

How To Store Nuts

I could not post in Godless in the Garden, so here is attempt #2. 

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Joan thanks for the info!

We had black walnuts wherevI grew up.  My dad stored them outside in a wire basket.  He broke them with a hammer so we could pick out the meats.  They tasted so good!

I think it's been 40 years since I've eaten black walnuts.  I've heard them mentioned a number of times in the last few months, and your post was the last straw.  I just have to have some, so I ordered 5 pounds of shelled meat for $46 from Amazon.

Thanks Joan.  A copy of that article went in my food folder.




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