The flocks of hummingbirds arrived in full force. There are billions and billions of blossoms in which to poke their tongues and yet they battle over a single bright red flower. It seems hierarchy prevails in the hummingbird community. 

I just took the photo with my computer and sadly hummingbirds can't be seen. 

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I read that hummingbirds also eat mosquitoes.  So they are our friends.  They love Monarda  - you have a beautiful patch of that - and Crocosmia.  I also saw some at a patch of Asclepias (golden milkweed, butterfly weed), which I planted a couple of weeks ago from a end-of-season almost-discard 60%-off from the local store.  It perked up and is blooming nicely too now.

Hurray for hummingbirds!

Sadly, what I thought was Crocosmia turned out to be young garlic.  

Asclepias is a wonderful plant, does so much for butterflies and is pretty. It also tolerates dry soil ... just what we need now. 

Beautiful flowers Joan! They are hard to catch on camera because they are so fast and small.
What kind of hummingbirds do you get there?

Gee, you know, I just don't pay attention. I have my hummingbird book right beside me at the table, but I don't look that closely at them. I shall pay attention tomorrow as they whir around my head. 




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