in abandoned lots, traffic medians, along curbs. Why? For fun, defiance, beauty, alternative to fast food!

A guerilla gardener in South Central LA

A TED talk to knock your socks off. 

This man is a jewel! He walks his talk. I like him at once. Would love to grab a trowel and work shoulder to shoulder with him and others like him. He will transform a sick nation.  

"Free is not sustainable! For sustainability, you have to sustain it!"

~ Ron Finley

Gangsta Garden in LA 

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Very impressive Joan.  We need more like Finley.

There are still plenty of places where a front yard vegetable garden in your own yard is illegal.  Finley took on the govt. of LA to make gardening in empty lots legal.

When people see where good food comes from, I hope they become more interested in growing their own as well.

I wonder about watering?  LA isn't a place I think of having much water.

I would think he'd have to "stand guard" all the time. Still, great idea.

He gave all his produce away, and encouraged them to grow their own. 

I feel a little anxious about vandals who would destroy it just for the joy of destroying something good. I started a garden at Valley Green Housing Project in Anacostia, District of Columbia, when I taught school there. It started with pre-schoolers digging in the dirt and planting seeds and seedlings with me and grew until we had a really nice neighborhood garden. We had no problems with vandals. Everybody felt they owned it. 

reminds me of Todmorden, the city that is growing food in its public spaces.  




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