Here are some insect photos I took today.  The good think about being tired is I can sit for a long time with the camera and not feel compelled to get up.


Bee on borage.


Bees on borage - I planted the borage this spring and it's blooming nicely now.  Borage is so photogenic. 

Bumblebee on buddleia. I planted a half dozen buddleias this year thinking the honeybees would like it but they avoided them. Bumbles are often browsing the buddleia so I'll keep it.  A hummingbird came by as I took this photo but I was too slow.

I don't know what this insect is. The oregano flowers are usually covered with honeybees, but today is was this insect. A wasp?

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I found this photo and wonder if it the same as what you photographed. 

"Parasitic Wasps (parasitoids) are the first check on insect pests.They’re critical because they operate at low population densities, beforepests get out of hand. They can help prevent pest populations from exploding even when food is abundant."

Parasitic Wasp on Achillea


Joan, I think you are right about the wasps.  I googled on black and white striped wasp and found some similar.  It's amazing what goes on in our yards when we don't use chemicals.  

This (parasitoids) has yellow and black colors, It is Gonatocerus ashmeadi, A wasp used to help in the fight against GWSSglassy-winged sharpshooters (leafhoppers) .

Neither one of these looks quite correct. Yours has a longer, slimmer body.  

Beautiful photos!. I am a great fan of Borage and all the activities around their flowers. I especially like the ways they self-sow ... I can move them all over the garden just by cutting off the spent branches and throwing them where I want them next year.  I can't keep Buddleia alive. They are so pretty, and butterflies come for treats. Oregano is one of my favorites, mine is a ground cover with beautiful magenta flowers that attract bees. 

That's a great idea.  I'll have to remember that so I don't have to buy seeds.  They really are striking.   I have a list of plants to fill beds for the bee garden next year.  One bed will be borage, one will be oregano, one will be shallots.  That's in addition to the patches I'm planting randomly.

Oh yes! a wonderful plan! Always something interesting to learn and to experiment. 

All of those were covered in honeybees at some point this summer.

Also lavender, and bluebeard (caryopteris).  Now anise hyssop and perovskia are providing forage, so they are included as well.




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