Hi All-

I visited with a friend today who is attempting to sell beautiful heirloom seed collections harvested from organically grown plants.  (This is not a sales pitch, as she is trying to sell them locally, and the link I'm attaching is for her supplier, so she won't benefit from any sales.)

I really like the collections, and although they are not cheap, they are an excellent value for what you get.  I have bought heirloom seeds from other internet sites, and I felt these prices were comparable.  They are beautifully packaged and each collection contains a book filled with instructions, tips, and a little history about the varieties.  There are several endangered varieties in the collection as well.

My friend knows that she will not be getting rich off of this endeavor, but she loves the product and is excited to share it with others.  Her problem is, she's not sure where she should try to sell these.  She had a booth at a garden show and felt it was successful, and was considering the farmer's market.  We have several restaurants in our area that have rooftop organic gardens, or local organic farms that produce just for them, so I suggested she visit a few of the restaurants that are proud of offering locally grown organic food. 

Can you think of any other places that might be good to suggest?  Where do you wish these types of seeds were available locally?  She doesn't want to sell them in existing stores, as their commission would eat up her profit.

I welcome your responses, and I hope this is an appropriate thread to start on this forum.

The website is: http://jardinseeds.com/


Also, I am trying to decide which two collections I wish to buy (it's hard to narrow down the choices).  Any seeds that wouldn't be successful in my garden I will happily add to the seed exchange.


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