30 years ago, I bought two dwarf Mandarin apricot trees. My question is: Where are the apricots? I had some wormy ones about 3 year ago, that's all. I've pruned, sprayed, even prayed (not). I get blossoms, but no fruit. Before I go googling, just thought I'd ask my experts in the field--you fellow gardeners.

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Randall, I don't know about your climate.  In mine, there is almost always a frost during apricot bloom season.  For me, the frost usually kills the trees if it happens when they bloom.  This year, it frosted when cherries and plums were blooming, and for the affected trees there are only a couple of fruits.  Maybe it's frost or chill when they are blooming.

Here is some info from Starks about fruit trees not bearing.  Maybe relevant or not.

Maybe you need another variety of apricot to pollinate?  Or bees?

I've taken a paintbrush to the flowers to transfer pollen from one flower and one tree to the next.  I'm sure the neighbors think Im crazy.

Sentient, if neighbors think you are crazy, you have a right to think they are ignorant. Besides, there is something soothing about pollinating fruits. It is a time to just focus on a blossom, pollen, the brush, and the next blossom. Not at all taxing to the intellect, yet satisfying to the mind/body/emotion connections. 

The article you referred to, Daniel, was enlightening. I'm thinking I have a soil deficiency. The trees are growing in an old rocky driveway. I'm also thinking about severely pruning them this winter. I don't have the patience to self pollinate the blossoms. I'm impressed you do it! Besides, with an abundance of pears, apples, peaches, etc., I really don't need any more fruit. I do like apricots, however!

To Joan: Yes, we have late freezes, but not every year. Sorry you have to give up on fruits.

I have trouble in Spokane's south hill's microclimate. The late frosts often get fruit blossoms or young fruits. I have given up on fruits, except for those known to survive those unexpectedly late freezes. 




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