My family and back yard looking south, 1993

I have lived here 40 years. The first 10 years, the garden was in vegetables and fruits, all lined up in rows. My three children ate like royalty on the fine produce from this soil. I have three children who were ten years old when we moved here. I designed the garden for my kids, cats and cabbages.  They grew up and fledged. The next 10 years the ground was turned into a beautiful lawn with borders. Twenty years ago I started changing over to ornamentals. I designed it to be a meditation garden with a dining area, raised boxes and paths that meandered throughout the garden. The grandchildren and neighbor children love the nooks and crannies for hide-and-seek. Now, I am replacing those things that have died from winter kill to vegetables and fruits again. This time, the kids, neighbor cats, cabbages, onions, garlics, potatoes and other vegetables and fruits grow in among the shrubs and flowers. I now have six great-grandchildren who enjoy picnicking, running, hiding, and meandering through the pathways. 

This photo lower photo was taken from the same spot as the above photo

Joan, during cancer chemotherapy, in the back yard Sept. 11, 2013. Yes, I had a bald head. 

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My gosh ... I kept flipping back and forth between pictures. It doesn't even look like the same place. Just beautiful Joan. And yet, you just seem to keep working to improve on it.  Such an inspiration. :) 




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