This is a very fragrant shrub. Walking past a yard with this plant, you think "someone's using their dryer - it smells like fabric softener". Hardy in zones 6 to 9 (Sorry Don).

Can you name this plant? (No prize, just pride).

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Good guess, but nope! I'll leave this up a while and see if anyone else guesses. Bonus - do you know the flower on the new group avatar?
Yes! Judith you win the prize! Unfortunately, the prize is just pride in your expertise :-)
I don't recognize the plant but one of my neighbors has it growing. I can smell it in my backyard. It is very fragrant and really does smell like fabric softener. I'll have to take a walk and see if I can locate it and ask my neighbor what it is.
I'll hold off a little longer. We'll see if your neighbor knows.
I never use fabric softener, as I can't stand the artificial stink of it. I hope this plant smells better than that!
OK, it's Daphne odora. Very sweet scent. I would say, intoxicating! We can't bring them into our office because they are overwhelming. And they do smell like Downy!

Got a photo to quizz us on? I can post more if there is interest.
No idea! Will you be telling us soon, Judith?
Hopefully they will. If not, I have a monstrous encyclopedia of garden plants. If I run across the one you posted, I'll chime in.
Smelling like Downy is faint praise, Daniel.
Looks like little leaf lilac?
Psss... it's Daphne Odora.

Sadly, only hardy in zones 7 - 9
Ooh sounds lovely. I'm going to keep my eye out for this.




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