Transforming a high maintenance lawn into an abundant food producing system, including building a contour dam and swale. For more information, visit:

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Joan, I'm still without a sound card to listen to these tips, but I appreciate your effort to share what is probably informative information. Besides, I don't have time to watch them--I have a garden to tend to!

I understand completely, Randy. I, too, have to settle the argument within myself, to the computer vs. to the garden.  Luckily, I have a sore foot and am giving it a rest so my internal conflict is settled ... to the COMPUTER! Catch up time. 

reminds me of that california family that turned their house into a farm and now chefs come from miles around for organic greens & veggies!  video

Or have you seen Growing Power where Will Allen is growing in greenhouses in the middle of winter in Detroit? I think his daughter is doing the same thing in an abandoned warehouse in Chicago.

There is so much going on in the areas of sustainability and urban gardening, rooftop gardening, basement hydroponics and home aquaponics (using waste filled water fish live in as nutrients for hydroponics).  I think it is exciting and fun but it is also a necessity. If you watch Roger Doiron's Ted Talk he puts up some scary statistics. To feed the planet's population in the next 50 years we are going to have to grow more food than the past 10,000 yrs combined!  I know of large companies right now that are testing ways of preparing insects for human consumption. 

Strolling through Youtube you can find all sorts of videos where people are doing more urban gardening. Some are turning their yards edible, other just on their balcony and still others are doing winter hydroponics in their basement!  It is amazing and can be done very cheaply. I like gardening as a hobby, but I am also doing it as a self sufficiency backup plan!




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