Please sign this petition to Brazilian lawmakers.

"Under pressure from big commercial farms, the Brazilian parliament is about to hold a vote that will allow companies like Monsanto, Bayer, and others to start selling so-called ‘suicide seeds’ to farmers. The genetically modified seeds can only be used once, forcing small farmers into buying seeds from Monsanto or others over and over again -- literally forever."

There are three major problems using GMO seeds, that I can see: 

1. The farmer buys the seeds, plants them and the seeds will not reproduce for the next season. His seed stock has to be purchased each year, forever. 

2. The GMO seeds carry within their pollen the elements that prevent reproduction that contaminate heirloom seeds. Once the heirloom seeds have been infected, the heirloom is lost forever. It becomes extinct. Wind, insects, animals carry pollen from field to field, and the heirloom farmer has no  way to protect his/her seeds. 

3. GMO produced seed companies attempt to corner the market in seed, thus having control over prices and availability. 

Please sign the petition. 

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