Revolutionizing the Urban Farm

Here are some ideas for urban farming, not only for the commercial farmer, but also for the home gardener. Lots of hints to grab, from fish farming to Aquaponics. 

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Oops. I wasn't able to imbed "Revolutionizing the Urban Farm". Here is another link
The Farmery, by Ben Greene

Joan, that's very interesting!  More unknowns to me than I can express....  I hope the economics and growing ecosystem work out.  It would be a lot of fun.  I'll embed the video here for more prominent display -


It seems like a lot could be grown in a small space. I wonder if the income would make for a viable living for the urban farmer?

This project will be interesting to follow. Thanks for embedding the video. 

Joan, you are so helpful with the links.  I appreciate it so much.  My computer skills are sorely lacking and they come in so handy.

I can't get the other video to embed either. 

Heres another article on the project.





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