In case you're shopping for Knockout Roses don't buy from They describe them as gallon pot, the receipt they send says gallon pot, but they come in plastic bags and they are more like quart size. I went back to their site and hunted around until I clicked on "size info" where it says they're removed from the pots for shipping. Emailed them, got the reply that they're removed from pots for shipping "to protect them". Really? Some newspaper and a plastic bag is better protection than a pot?

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Bummer!  Now that you have them. I still hope you'll plant them and see how they do, they look cool! 


Despite disappointment with their method, they might do fine.  Removing them from pots probably helps with storage, and definitely makes them lighter for shipping = lower shipping cost. 


For what it's worth, I've bought many many bare-root fruit trees and some bare root roses.  They've all grown fine.  I hope yours does OK too.

I would have had no problem buying them if they were honest, what pisses me off was the deception. They're probably ostentatiously Christian and their deity forgives the little lie because they kiss his ass.


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