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Thanks Joan.  I've found I have to think things through or suffer the consequences of doing it over, or regretting it for other reasons.  

I'm a slow thinker, so it often takes a frustratingly long time to come to a good conclusion, but whenever I try to speed the process up, I regret it.

Of course, even when I think and study on something a long time, I still often make the wrong decision, but not as often as when I try to take a shortcut.

And, like you I am open to changing my mind as new information becomes available.

This one is amazing.  I agree it looks surreal.  Give me some home that people in cities can grow food too.

I'm starting all over again! My containers were broken by frost and brittle from sunlight - they were about eight years old. Last year I had no time for my roof garden because of brother-in-law's accident. Today most of my plants are dead. This week I ordered six enormous containers to put my garden in. The first set of vegetables and herbs are sowed, I've been busy to make compost from kitchen waste these few weeks and now I'm waiting for the containers. Pictures follow.

Chris, I'm glad to hear you have a good start on your new garden.

France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Sola...

"A new law recently passed in France mandates that all new buildings that are built in commercial zones in France must be partially covered in either plants or solar panels."

I guess it's a start, but I couldn't find a percentage of roof that must be covered.  "Partially" could mean less than 1%.  Not much of a law if it doesn't give a minimum.

On that picture, I thought those groups of 3 green squares were solar panels until I spotted the woman sun-bathing and realized they were lounge chairs.

I guss all you need is a little soil and some water! And a leak-proof roof.

I don't know much about roofs, but I would think besides being leak-proof, it would have to be root-proof as well.  No seams that a root could muscle it's way into.


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