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This is so pretty. Good job of tub gardening and it really doesn't take a whole lot os soil to produce a pretty and/or delicious plant. Is this the garden on your rooftop? Everything looks healthy. 

Thanks for the compliment Joan! This picture is 2 years old - I had more time then. This year a lot of plants died after an unexpected frost and I had no time to replace them, but I'm spreading compost for the vegetables now.

This scene would really relax me after a hard day at work.  If I lived in the city I would have to do this.

Two models for rooftop agriculture vie to feed the Big Apple

"It's critical to our business that the community is as involved as possible,"


That picture is almost surreal, with two different worlds in it! And a good text too.

Wow, a lot more gardens in NYC than I thought!  Nice.

Chris, your rooftop garden is beautiful and looks like a good place to relax.

Thanks Idaho Spud, it ís a good place: cats, plants and books, what else can you want? How are your cat plans?

Chris, sorry for not answering your question about my cat plans.  After, studying on the subject and thinking about it more, I decided not to get a cat, because although I'm sure I would enjoy a cat a great deal, I'm sure the negatives would outweigh the positives.  Steph ask me also, and I didn't answer her either because I didn't want to disappoint you guys.

For one thing, I figured it would cost me about $500 a year to properly care for one, and that's a lot of money for me. 

Another thing is the guilt factor.  I'm sure I would feel guilty if it cried when I left it alone in the house.  

I would feel guilty if I had to lock it out of my bedroom to sleep, because I don't sleep well, and I think it would disrupt my sleep even more.

I also think I would sometimes resent needing to take care of the litter box.

I would worry excessively if it looked like it was sick.

There's a few other factors, but suffice it to say, with my personality, I don't think I could handle it, even though I would love a cat for many reasons.

I love an honest answer and I also love the way you weigh the matter. I've seen very many people who get a cat or other animal or even a child without deciding if all parties involved could be happy or how the responsibility and the cost would be met. Being an unwanted child myself I know the damage involved. So thank you for being careful and thoughtful for the cat that never came. Perhaps you can become friends with a neighbourhood cat.

Thanks Chris.  I try to be honest with myself and others, as I can't stand dishonesty.

Being careful and thoughtful for the cat that never came, was one of the reasons I decided not to get a cat.  If I had took one home with more emotion than logic, and found I had to take it back, where It would have to live in a cage again, instead of a home, I would have felt very guilty and sad for perhaps giving it hope and then dashing that hope.

When I was looking at cats at the city shelter, I saw a woman returning a cat.  She was crying and miserable, and I think it is probable that the can was unhappy also.

Spud, I always knew you were special and now, again, I see why, you think things through before making a decision. The way you built your garden is the same thing. You found out what the plants needed and then provided those things. You are not afraid of hard work, either. The way you created your growing area impressed me. The decision you make now may be a different decision in the future. That is the beauty of thinking things through, you can always change your mind as new information becomes available.


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