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Joan, I am sorry for the non-responce. I am always overworked in office in winters. Rest of time now a days is eaten by marriage of a cousin which will end on next sunday but related ceremonies had already started. Marriage is not going to that traditional because the guay is UK educated University professor of socialogy. Still I am looking forward to have some very intresting pictures for you of a Pakistani marriage.

Sorry I am unable to find anything about year round pollinators. That problem is not solved and I am still in search of anything which can help pollination all the year arround. Can you please mention where you have posted it?

Wikepedia site accuracy about weather conditions is app. 50% In some cases it is correct but in other it is not.

I certainly understand being busy and unable to keep up with AN. I am not able to send  information on year round pollinators today, but I will happily respond by tomorrow. I look forward to your photos of a Pakistani marriage. The colors and styles of women's dresses so intrigue me. Very different from the blue jeans and T-shirts of my current life style. 


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