Flower Power Fights Orchard Pests

Sweet alyssum in flower attracts predators which control aphids on nearby trees.

... plantings of sweet alyssum attracted a host of spiders and predator bugs that in turn preyed on woolly apple aphids, a pest that growers often control with chemical sprays.

"After one week, aphid densities were significantly lower on trees adjacent to flowers than on control plots, and these differences were maintained for several weeks."

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Are those trees or grape vines in the photo?

Thank you for posting this.  Time to start some sweet alyssum.  It's a nice low growing plant, and fragrant.

Randy, yes, those are grape vines, although I don't know where.

I just got a couple more packets of sweet alyssum seeds and planted them.  They are tiny seeds.   The first batch I planted last week on the edges of the tomato bed have sprouted, aided by the late spring's  ongoing rains.  I hope they make a good start before dry season comes.


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