Does anyone in the group grow sweet potatoes?  I just got some slips in the mail, and am planning on planting them in containers, but I need to know how deep these containers should be.  I've been looking online, and not finding anything.  

If it helps, I bought the Vardaman variety.  I reckon having them on the south side of our house, in dark containers, and bringing them into the garage on nights below 70F should help.  I think I'll get a soil thermometer, too.

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I have them. I built a 3' x 3' raised bed for them. Plant one per square foot (so 9 in my box). It should be at least 8 inches deep.

Also, it is important to plant them by themselves. They spread quickly.
Do you know what the optimal depth is? I have an old plastic storage box that I'm thinking about using, as the lid is cracked. No longer useful for keeping winter clothes dry and protected in the few short weeks we don't have snow on the ground. It's about 16" high.

We're still getting nights below 60F (it is supposed to be 46F tonight), so I may paint the boxes black on the outside, and I intend to cover the soil with something dark to keep the heat in. I'm also thinking about putting at least on box of sweet potatoes on the deck, and then attaching a high trellis and tying the vines up.

Are you doing Square Foot Gardening? If so, we should start a new discussion about it.
Yes, I am doing SFG. I am a novice and it is easy and dumbed down for me.

I put my sweet potatoes in about 8 inches. So 16 should be more than enough.
Thanks. I'll take copious notes and photos, and publish my findings here.




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