Tell us about your chickens! Photos please! And, photos of urban chickens.

In the N. Hemisphere, much of the gardening is on hold. Ground is starting to freeze. No new fruits or vegetables.

But the henhouse remains active. The 'fruits' of the chicken - eggs - continue to be harvested (if you have a light bulb in the henhouse).

here is today's photoshoot of city chickens. If I get a chance, I'll take some new photos of our hens.

Chickens are hilarious. I love watching them strut around, chase one another, fight over food, and just act like chickens.

I think our chicken house light bulb is fluorescent. I'll change to incandescent for more heat production, tonight. Also add some more straw. It's getting cold.

(Note, this is an older post.  The link above no longer works.  I'll add a pick from my henhouse now)

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RHode Island Red Lady - She's laid an egg every day since starting last October.

Leghorn Lady. She's laid a big egg, every day since she started in August. Probably about 150 eggs so far.

Australorp lady. She lays 6 to 7 days a week, sometimes misses a day.
It's easy to tell which type of hen laid which type of egg - the Leghorn eggs are large and white (this one lays beige eggs, she's not a purebred), the Reds lay medium to large light brown eggs, and the Australorps lay medium sized, dark brown, somewhat pointy eggs.
Heh. The -tater's mother is a chcken nut, and sent as a calendar with photos of their chickens. I've been trying to talk the -tater into us getting some chickens, but no can do. I might give him the sort of choice you give little kids... would he rather have chickens or a flock of herd animals to keep the grass cropped?

He's pretty smart though... he'll probably see through my subterfuge and just not play the game.
I can't imagine not-having them now. Pulling weeds now feels like harvesting food, because I feed them to the hens. I don't get in trouble for throwing away stale bread - instead, I give it to the hens. Every day is like an easter egg hunt, except I always know where to find them. And they are lots of fun to watch.
All our stale bread goes to the wild birds, or whatever else carries it away. We live on a wildlife corridor from the Adirondacks to the Green Mountains, and there's definitely a deer trail through our land. I'm looking into turning part of our land into a wild area, or whatever the deer prefer as a highway.

Weeds all go to compost, but that's just a pile in our grown-up and very abused "woods". I'll start seriously composting this year.

Fresh, free range eggs are definitely much better than the factory farmed variety. I've also heard that the definition of "free range" as accepted by the USDA is wobbly. All the more reason for us to raise our own.
No rooster here - the city code does not allow it. They do allow a limited # of hens.

They had baby chicks at the feed store here last week when I went to buy some feed, but we are at our limit. Anyway we get so many eggs that I have to give away more than we eat.

Your chickens are beautiful. I don't know what to say about Armondo. When I was growing up, we had a rooster that chased the dog. He wouldn't take anything off anyone.
What breed is Armando? My mother was attacked by a Banty rooster when she was a kid. We had all other sorts of animals on our farm, but she put her foot down at chickens.
Have you seen these videos of John Cleese and his chickens Rocky and Camilla:

sorry I don't have "permission" to embed them.

I love chickens
Really quite funny. I often think about the studies of molecular structure showing Tyranosaurus Rex proteins are close to those of chickens (National geographic). "In one experiment, antibodies that normally react in the presence of chicken collagen reacted strongly to the dinosaur protein, suggesting a similar molecular identity. " I suppose, they use chickens for the dramatic cognitive dissonance, and any bird would do. But then I go out and watch the hens and think, maybe that is how T. rex walked around too.
hahahaha! I would love to see a film with T.Rex walking around like hens!
I don't have chickens of my own, but I adore this photo:

One of the reasons I'm considering chickens is that they don't have teeth, or horns.
wow look at these!


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