This Land Is My Teacher: Preserving Native Agriculture and Traditions

"If people would only open their eyes and their ears and their hearts to living in community, everything would work so much smoother. It’s not a Native thing. Community is a human thing. It’s already in us, we just have to bring it back out. One person can grow corn, one person can grow something else, and they can share. That’s how people used to survive way back when."

Sharing garden produce is a great way to build neighborhood community. 

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Joan, all great ideas.  THank you for linking to the article.

Thanks for the article Joan.  It has so many useful links too.

In the city where I live, we are allowed two chickens per household.  There is a group that is currently trying to extend that to more chickens, but also to allow one household in a neighborhood be an "egg producing house".  This would allow them to have more than two chickens, and produce enough eggs for their neighbors! 

Thanks again-


I especially liked this quote from the article:  "We need to all work together as land-based people and not look at what color we are or where we come from, because the land is not like that. Creator is not exclusive, so there’s no reason we should be. They tell us, “The more biodiversity you have, the richer your soil is going to be.” It’s like that with people. The more different kinds of people you have, the more we’re going to be able to survive. That’s why we need everybody working together."


Naturally, we should leave out "The Creator" part.  The biodiversity part is absolutely on the mark - monoculture is the road to ruin.  


I hope your hen-activism works out.  Two-chickens is rather restrictive - they like company.  3 or 4 is better.  I understand the need to avoid constantly loud ones- some breeds are very quiet.  My Leghorns coo and cluck like pigeons - not noisy at all.  Now rhode island reds - they were loud.

I can hear my neighbor's chickens over the fence and it is such a soothing sound as I putter along. I live just one block from a major arterial, and with tall trees and clucking chickens I hardly notice. 


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