This year's garden, April 28, May 18, June 29, July 18, and yesterday, August 18

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Don, nice to see you here!  GREAT garden!  Nice progression of the season, you can really see what has happened.

I would love a  more open format for mine, but 4-footed white tailed ruminants make that challenging.  Glad you have the option!  If you would like some to decorate your yard, you are welcome to some of mine.  :-)

Nice garden Don.  Are those potatoes in the second picture, mid garden?

Thanks, SB.  We have plenty of deer here in northern Vermont--we see them often--but houses here are few and far between, and they don't like to get too close to buildings, except, sometimes, at night.  They have more than enough browse in the woods and fields, anyway, where they feel more comfortable.  In the winter, after I've tilled everything in but the B. sprouts, they'll sometimes venture down for those, but they prefer the leaves, not the sprouts, so we share. 

Idaho, no, they're not spuds.  Didn't plant any this year.  Those are broccoli and Brussels sprouts you're seeing, I think.  Here's another view:

Left to right, bed by bed: asparagus; sunflowers; garlic, onions, shallots, and beets; leaf lettuce, N.Z. spinach, and carrots; later leaf lettuce, romaine, and leeks; still later leaf lettuce, haricots verts, watermelons (on a whim), an orphaned basil, and two staked plum tomatoes; genovese basil, lemon basil, and red cabbages alternating with bell peppers; broccoli, Brussels sprouts, dill, and Italian parsley; plum tomatoes; Jet Star tomatoes; 4 Defiant tomatoes and the rest Better Boy; butternut squash, Delicata squash, zucchini, and cantaloupes.

No spuds.  Well, slap me silly.  Perhaps I should relinquish my moniker.  I guess it's like the saying, "To a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

I plant potatoes every other year or so to keep the beetles at bay.  Seems to work.  New potatoes fresh and crisp from the garden are splendid, but, like corn (which I do not grow), when they're in season around here, they aren't expensive. 

You have a very beautiful place Don!

Thanks.  Bought the land in 1974.  Wasn't sure when, if ever, I'd be able to build on it, but just three years later, with the success of my first novel, I was able to make a home here on the hill at the end of a dirt road.  We have views off to the Presidentials in New Hampshire, some 50 miles away to the southeast, across the Connecticut River valley.

A black bear did walk along the garden border about a month ago, probably very early in the morning.  I don't think he liked the soft soil. 

The tracks are also visible in the third photo above.

Wow! Really great progression photos--and more! Your garden, Don, is weed free--rock free, too. I'm impressed. Glad to see somebody else that likes Delicata squash.

We love Delicata--but this year it seems that my saved seed must have cross-pollinated with acorn squash, possibly, so the fruits this year don't look like Delicatas.  Will they be tasty?  No idea.  My butternuts and sugar baby watermelons are looking good. 

It's been a terrific year for the tomatoes, too.  These are Little Mamas.




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