I maintain "the devil made me do it". That's my standard schtick when, well, you know.

I bought a can of processed food the other day, something I rarely purchase. It was refried beans. I was in a "Mexican" food state of mind. I made a turkey burrito last night which was pretty good. But that's not my point.

I don't need to tell any of you that the best thing about gardening is the product (or produce). Even if frozen, it beats anything out of a can. Compare fresh asparagus to a can of it. I mean, really! There IS no comparison. Asparagus is my first "crop". Radishes are coming, as is lettuce. With chives, it will soon be salad season. Yum.

My freezer supply is dwindling. That's a good thing. By the end of summer, it will be packed to the lid. Sure beats something in a can off a grocery shelf! Eat well and live long, my gardening friends. 

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I'll admit that I have an ´iron foodstock´ - probably the wrong expression but I'm not in the mood for a dictionary - a stack of cans and jars. Most of them contain beans and peas, tomatoes or unsweetened pineapple. Other canned food is simply inedible to me, but perhaps I'm spoiled. I'm watching and waiting to see what my veg roof garden will produce. But I'm afraid it won't fill the freezer.

This week we had smoothies made from peaches I processed and froze 2 years ago!  With year-old honey from a local hobbiest.  Even being in the freezer so long, they were amazingly good.  

Some times it needs to be out of a can.  Some times, we can have the "real deal"!

To Sentient: Every time I clean out the freezer, I find something REALLY old (like 9 year old strawberry jam). But I toss it back in if I don't thaw and eat it.  It's usually quite edible. Don't they say wolves eat wholly mammoth carcasses?


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