This is the most ancient example I could find about transplanting trees.

3,500 year old tree transplant

and here

the same image is in wikimedia commons but not as clear.

Interesting.  "By 1500 B.C. transplanting of trees in Egypt was commonplace."


Incense and myrhh trees transplanted from the land of Punt (Currently thought to be Eritria, Djibouti, part of Ethiopia, maybe Yemen) to Queen Hatshepsut's palace in Egypt.  wikipedia. pbs NOVA.  



It's possible that remnants of those trees remain today.  "discovered at Djeser-Djeseru were the intact roots of frankincense trees, which once decorated the front façade of the temple. These trees were collected by Hatshepsut in her travels to Punt."

Apparently, the ancient Maya also practiced arboriculture.  They grew cacao, papaya, and avocados. 

It's hard to find other info about ancient tree growing practices.  If I find more I'll post it here.

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3,500 Year Old Tree Transplant scene could be a modern scene with the root ball being carried from one spot to another. Huge machinery does the task now, but the principle is the same. It seems they transplanted Incense and myrhh trees and pistacia (I wonder if that is modern pistachio?) from great distances.
I enjoyed reading about Punt; this is new information for me. 

Mention of Hatshepsut rings a bell for me … I am taking a side trip here. Oh Yes! Hatshepsut, female pharaoh, the extraordinary woman who ruled Egypt from 1479 to 1458 B.C. the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. Her story is a fascinating one; glad I went to reacquaint myself with  her. Well worth the read. 

Hatshepsut: The King Herself

The Deir el-Bahri Temple Complex, stunningly beautiful: 

I can imagine a row of trees she had brought in to front the place. I wonder where she got the water? They must have thrived if there are remnants of roots at this site. 

Thanks, Sentient, for the wonderful tour. 


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